Artist Statement


My paintings are intended to illuminate the beauty and power of the feminine spirit through figurative paintings. 


I create portraits of women, transforming their private, inner world into complex visual stories using floral compositions and other visual effects. With elegant color and romantic compositions, I offer a world of peace to overcome the darkness we all face. My practice grows from a deep desire to celebrate beauty, uncover our true selves, and help women find their strength.


The painting process helps organize my thinking, my energy, and my perceptions in a way that nothing else does. Creating art is a way of making sense of things, of saying something meaningful without words. Sometimes I seem to be calling attention to something at the edge of consciousness or dredging up something long buried. 


My mediums include oils and precious metals.  I love the idea of making a precious object, such was created historically with the use of precious materials.  When I use gold and silver leaf, I am conscious of this alchemical and sacred history as I create my own precious object imbued with ideas and meaning.


Highly symbolic and influenced by classical artistic traditions, I feel that my mission in this world is to give my viewers to experience the healing potential of a beautiful painting


Anna Maiko is an American - Ukrainian artist who received her Master's degree in chemical engineering from the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology in 2012. It was not the right place at that moment because she always loved art!

In 2012 she moved to the USA and started her art career. In 2018 she completed her Fine Arts degree at Foothill College in California. Also, Anna acquired an art education on the principles of classical realism and painting from life, finishing her studies in 2021 at Svyatoslav Brachnov Academy in Kyiv.  

Currently, Anna works in her studio in San Jose, California. Anna's current work shows her continued devotion to themes that explore the beauty and power of the feminine spirit. She draws inspiration from the 18th-century movement of Romanticism, from poetry, and from her own journals. 

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