The artworks included in the "Blossom Rain" series are based on my feelings, thoughts, and things that I have enjoyed and experienced. The series consists of floral portraits with elements such as femininity, lightness, and serene atmosphere. These paintings are less about a specific narrative and more about moods and sensations associated with the various characters I depict. I love painting women; there is something about the feminine spirit that generates a lifetime of ideas and imagery for me. 


I make a strong effort to blend direct observation with imagination when I create a painting. I try to start with reality but bring it into my own inner world with the process. The paintings oscillate between a fantasy floral world and the real world, and there’s a blurry line between the two. You get the sense that the characters and the story are really happy, you feel that positive vibes from almost all artworks in this collection. 




We are in that time when the art world is overwhelmed by “deep” art usually with negative energy. However, I think that it requires more beauty, happiness, and peace. I consider my mission is to carry these ideas to the masses through my art in this series.


My art is about beauty and skills. I stand for changing the art world where are professionals, who slave away for hours every day in front of their canvases. And I'm against the modern idea that everything can be art. Because that cheapens the whole art world and cheapens the dedication and the will to learn that true artists have. 



This series is interesting for its visual effects because I am in constant experimentation with different mediums. In artworks in this project, I used oil paint, gold or silver leaf, metallic paint, and epoxy resin to help me to bring out strong reactions in the viewer and work toward depicting emotion in my work.