FLORAL Paintings


My flowers are Calm and Noble. 

I work with color on muted tones, forcing the viewer to notice subtle nuances and hue changes. My color combinations captivate with its modest, truly aristocratic range of shades: strict black with the addition of elegant purple or magenta. However, each painting has a bright color accent as a symbol of light, goodness, and hope.

In the process of creating my artwork, I use different techniques and materials: acrylic for impasto strokes, oil bars for clear lines, sprays, and charcoal for a weightless effect. Mix media allows me to make my compositions airy and dynamic, like a thin and sophisticated veil on the wind.

However, most of these marks are random. These streaks are like frozen moments. I try to control the process less... less to interfere with the organic process of mixing materials on the canvas. I try to keep more of those honest things in there. As an artist, I try to keep my painting as light as possible and just steer the process in one direction or another and let randomness and gravity do their job.

The essence of my work is to explore the beauty that is present in the flower world. Observation of nature and its harmony is my main inspiration. My goal is to take in what draws me and bring it back to the canvas via my own voice.